Jacqueline Rosedalen is a lifelong student of the arts. Born in Kazakhstan, her talent for art manifested early in the form of boisterous raw talent. She graduated from the Fine Arts College of Orenburg, with professors from the prestigious Ilya Repin Academy of St. Petersburg.

Jacqueline works from life, combining finely ingrained skills with classical painting theory. She believes that self criticism is a must in art, but not to the point of it being debilitating. Her preferred mediums are oils or graphite pencil on large linen canvases.

From time to time she visits cities, working on skylines and cityscapes, such as of Amsterdam and the sandy lanscapes of the Netherlands; she’s in love with the charming Hampstead in London, the self-accepting Ile St. Louis of Paris, or a tiny, colorful riviera town in Calabria. In the end, Jacqueline returns to her favorite portraits. At her atelier in Farsta, Stockholm, Jacqueline paints, and leads private groups and classes in art critique, classical arts, and academic rules of art.

Recently, Jacqueline took a year of full time practice in drawing and painting at the Art Students League of New York, where she worked with famous instructors such as Costa Vavagiakis, Mary Beth McKenzie, and Terence Coyle. This year she also helped curate the art gallery belonging to the League. She is long term member of the League, following numerous workshops that she had taken there across the years from many other well-known artists prior to last year. She plans to return to the workshops in the future to update her talent and broaden her horizons.

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How did you become an artist?

I don’t know if I ‘became’ – I’ve always been drawing, since childhood.You can’t ‘turn’ artistic, you just have to hear it inside yourself.

Can anyone be an artist?

I don’t think so. I believe three things are required: talent, progress, and self-criticism; if one of them is lacking, there would be no quality in the art world. Making art allows for a positive expression from everyone, and it is an easily accessible hobby, but not everyone can make it to a professional level.

What inspires you?

Lines. Character of a person. Possibility of capturing a moment.

Anyone you particularly admire or were influenced by?

Louis Bourgeois for her ability to capture terrifying, and terrific, form. Isabela Blow for her constancy – despite any disappointments, she remained bold, giving, and progressive. Antonio Mancini for his grandiose capability to portray the minute drama of every hour, in a way no other can.